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Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2018 12:57 am
by Wyn
Greetings everyone,

So there I am tonight watching a youtube video, and someone brought up the topic of MUDs. Someone mentioned Darkness Falls - a name that I forgot for a very long time. I google darkness falls and find a reddit thread with a link to this site. So, here I am.

I played as the character Wyn with a locker character named Jin. I played in the very early days in Darkness Falls until it closed on Gamestorm and a brief time in Crusades.

I primarily played as an imp in the Nightblades and in the Good realm. I was the leader of the Nightblades for a time as well as a staff member for a short while in the original Darkness Falls. I was one of the first players to reach level 50. I would purposely keep my constitution low for the excitement factor of the possibility of losing my character. I remember picking fights with the other Imp guild and always role played as if those swindlers were the Nightblade's mortal enemies (or so that is how I remember it ymmv).

It has been over 20 years: does anyone remember the character Wyn?


Re: Wyn

Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2019 2:28 pm
by Daleth
Welcome Wyn! I remember you! If you want some nostalgia, go try out the DF Echoes client on this site. Also, there are several projects going on to bring DFC (or something very similar) back. Most of the discussion is in the Facebook group if you aren't already a member.