hey do u have plan? i need help.

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hey do u have plan? i need help.

Post by DF4Ever » Tue Jun 02, 2020 12:10 am


Die-hard DFC fan here who has fantasies of making a game similar to the one we all once loved (or at least has bits and pieces with a passing resemblance, heh).

>look deadDFCclones
>poke dea
>lick dea
>drag dea

I'm starting to write some rooms and I'm wondering if anyone would share logs, text files or existing online resources for things like room descriptions from DF/DFC or any other MUD that you really liked. Writing is harder than I thought it would be and I'd appreciate anything you might be able to share that I could use as inspiration to riff off of when I can't think of anything!

I'm aware of the Echoes client and will take a jaunt through there too. But if nothing else, some centralized source of these sorts of things might help out anyone else out there now or in the future who lurk secretly in the shadows, performing their dark necromancy on this legend of a game, from an era gone by. Also.. frist post of 2020?!

I'll be sure to make a bunch of noise here if it turns out I have what it takes to make anything playable. Wish me luck!

>wie scrol

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