One among the stars - By Spire

Fan fiction from the Darkness Falls universe.
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One among the stars - By Spire

Post by Daleth » Mon Feb 01, 2016 7:14 pm

One among the stars...
By Spire

Sagorn breathed a deep sigh as he looked up to the midnight sky, laying on his back staring deep into the eternal darkness that is night. A beloved and trusted Bishop of Vesta, Sagorn was among the wise and ancient of the Temple. As he sat up and he clutched his blessed golden whitewood staff to his chest as a small tear dropped from his cheek.

He made his way towards the grand city of Carendal, home to the races of Light.

"Where are you going in such a hurry, Sagorn?" questioned Shira.

"Oh...hey Shira, nothing, it's just that..." his voice trailed off and became inaudible.

Shira lifted his chin and spoke, "Sagorn, my friend...I will always be your friend, please speak what's on your mind."

Sagorn finally managed to blurt it out..."I had a dream...I believe it was more of a prophecy, sent to me by Niord and Vesta...

I was walking in the Forest of Shalifi's Demise when I felt this longing to be in the stars, to be among the Immortals above us. I remember seeing two hands reach down from the sky and I felt this warm feeling that I was at last home and at peace...

...Shira, Vesta is calling me home."

Shira, her eyes filled with tears, nodded slightly and clutched Sagorn. "My friend, if it is what must be done...or you feel it must be that way, then I too believe it is your time."

She accompanied him to a quiet place, a place where he shall forever rest and become one with Vesta.

Sagorn knelt down and began his prayer. A white light seem to emanate from him, as he bid farewell to the realm of Carendal. Shira watched and weeped as Sagorn joined the heavens.

Sagorn was layed to rest in the Graveyard of Carendal's most noble.

This has been dedicated to an amazing priest, who left the world of Carendal all too soon. May Vesta bless you Sagorn, good luck in all of your adventures my friend.

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