A New Dawn - By Metanoia

Fan fiction from the Darkness Falls universe.
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A New Dawn - By Metanoia

Post by Daleth » Mon Feb 01, 2016 7:19 pm

A new dawn.......
by Metanoia

The soft silence of dawn is broken by the sweet rendering of trumpets. A new day has dawned upon Niord and it's slumbering warriors slowly begin to wake. The clasping of metal can be heard echoing along the corridors that grace the Temple of Niord. The melodic chanting of the monks is heard as they travel paired down the street. The skies being to eminate great claps of thunder as the Arcanium teleports their way to the Apothecary, as you continue to shuffle yourself down the street you notice the shadows moving. You wonder to yourself what this could be. You enter the great hospital of Niord you see glows of blue, green and purple flow from the priests bodies into the souls of their followers.

The warriors of them are now united together for the first time in along time. Their petty quarrels have come to and end and the political assassinations of morality cease to exsist. As you prepare yourself for a adventure to the fallen remenats of the Kamiere Castle you notice something strange about the hospital this morning, the realm leaders are all missing. You wonder to yourself how it is possible for not one of them to be present at the dawns calling.

In a distant hidden spot they are all found sitting around a table crafted of the finest oak found in all the lands. Their chairs widdled by the best craftsmen found in all of Niord. At the head of the table you find Niord's Emmisary Klorn sitting to his right is the all seeing arcane Vodka, to his left you find the ever knowing monk Grip. As you proceed around the table you see many familar faces Metanoia, Dior, Morgiana, Wonka, Polo, Amadeus, Amarice, Delv, Screw and a few others.

Klorn opens the day's meeting simply "The battle lines have been drawn and war is once again upon us." He continues "There has come a time in our existance that we must capatialize on the advantages of now and learn from the mistakes of past!"

The leaders all nod their heads solemly as they now know what must be done. Metanoia stands and heads the call to battle. An annoucement blisters threw the realm as he speaks. "Come one Come all, the time has come for us to conquer all"

In the Apothecary the members of the realm frantically gather their equipment up and start rushing off to the docks of Niord. The call to battle was heard......Now it shall be felt.....

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