Bloodlust - By Lateralus

Fan fiction from the Darkness Falls universe.
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Bloodlust - By Lateralus

Post by Daleth » Mon Feb 01, 2016 7:18 pm

By Lateralus

Crewmembers rush along the deck of a ship rushing to set anchor as the ship comes to a halt at the sandy port. As the boat finally reaches its destination a shadowy figure emerges from the depths of the vessel and walks slowly to the railing of the deck. As the lone figure looks out to the sea a small smile spreads across his lips as he watches the last rays of sunlight start to fade to black. The figure slowly starts to cast his protective spells, getting all the more anxious at what he knows is to come.

Suddenly the crew starts to prepare the boat to leave the newly reached land. As they rush to set sail and raise anchor the captain starts to yell that they will return before the sunrise. As the boat starts to slowly pull away the figure finally starts to move. Running towards the edge of the deck, he leaps off onto the sandy beach and into the cover of shadows.

Crouching, the invader scans the area and sees two figures slowly walking away from the port and talking to each other....

"Damn Arnaks....they never come to have fun anymore......" the first man said with a disgusted tone.

"Aye your right Aarathorn...they never come when we are ready it seems."

As the two walk out of sight the invader stands and couldn't help but smile at what he has heard. But as quick as the smile came it was gone and the figure started to run down the opposite path the two Niordians took.

Remaining in the shadows he walked through a gate that took him into a great city. Stopping to admire it for a second he then made his way towards his destination. He quietly opens the door to the building and steps inside. Immediately he looks around to see if anyone has noticed his entrance but it appears the only one inside was too busy to notice.

The dark figure notices that the person in the building was one of the people he saw at the dock. Seeing the Niordian starting to change out of his armor, the Vampire decides to make his move. Quickly stepping out of the shadows he raises his hands and conjures a dark ball crackling with blue energy. Before the unsuspecting victim noticed what was happening the vampire hurled the ball of energy at him. As the spell hit the victim from behind, the ball started to spread over his back as if were alive and trying to consume him. Letting out a deafening scream the rogue fell to his knees, blood streaming down his arms.

Seeing this the vampire couldn't help himself. He extended both of his arms towards his injured enemy and started to chant a second spell. As he was chanting the fallen rogue shakily got up and prepared himself to attack. Shaking his cloudy head he grabbed his weapon and started to move towards his attacker. Just then the vampire finished his preparation and finally cast his spell.

Eyes widening the rogue let out a piercing scream as his blood was forced out of his wounds and went to the waiting vampire. Draining his opponent dry the vampire smiled as he fresh warm blood coursing through him.

With his last bit of strength the rogue hefted his weapon and lunged at his attacker, hitting the vampire in his arm and causing the newly acquired blood to gush out of the relatively small wound.

Rolling his eyes the vampire quickly prepares a counter spell.

With a chill hand he touches the middle of the rogues chest. Unable to withstand any more, the rogue fell to the ground as his eyes glaze over.

As the last sparks of life left the rogue the bank door bust open.

Answering their fallen comrades calls, Aarathorn and Amadues quickly rushed into the bank. As the vampire turned to meet the new threat he smiled and bowed at his would be attackers.

Aarathorn drew his bow as Amadues prepared to attack the coven, but still bowed the coven said a few powerful words and quickly vanished.

Letting his bow string go slack Aarathorn turned to Amadues and said "Warn the realm.... Xynt is here, ill drag wonka to apo"

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