Silence of the Dead - By Faydra

Fan fiction from the Darkness Falls universe.
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Silence of the Dead - By Faydra

Post by Daleth » Mon Feb 01, 2016 7:13 pm

Silence of the Dead
By Faydra

Darkness. Utter black. She blinked her eyes a couple times, feeling the darkness become light, just as her eyes always did when she shaped. Resting her paws on the ground, she could feel the earth pulsing under her. It was alive, as alive as she was, as alive as the stars in the sky. Night never could make terra sleep.

Quiet. The quiet of death. The wind blew in soft gusts that swept the grass in odd swaying motions. Moonlight was all that lit the night, but it was more than enough for the small pack. The alpha lifted his nose to the air, breathing in deeply. The velvet darkness fit around each furry body like a cloak, and the stars in the sky adorned the velvet with softly glowing gems.

Scent. It overwhelmed her mind, every time she became were. She lowered her nose close to the ground and inhaled softly. Soil moved beneath her breath. She could smell the feet of ogres. Smells of herbs, dung, and magic. They were near. The wind had not swept the sour tang away. Wrinkling her muzzle, she straightened. Every wolf here had done the same thing. They became were, they smelled the earth, they longed for ogre's blood.

A quiet yip from the alpha and the pack gathered close around him. Trotting down the slope at a quick pace, the wolves made their way silently down into the valley, following the scent of magic. A mourning howl filled the air, followed by a chorus of yowls. Wolf song. She could smell the magic now, all around her. They had found the ogres. She could hear the sounds of movement, the chanting, the magic building around them. The air grew electric, an overture to what was soon to come. But she knew the wolves were faster than words. They dashed up the hill, into the camp. Huge fires were lit in the center, tents surrounding. The alpha scanned quickly then lifted his muzzle into the night sky. The stars seemed to tremble as she let all her rage and hunger out into that howl.

Fear. The air was now filled with electrified fear. She moved quickly, her paws barely touching the ground as she ate up the distance between her and an ogre. Leaping off the pulsing earth, she felt herself become part of the air. Bodily, she knocked the ogre to the ground, straddling him.

Screams. The loud noise hurt. She snapped her jaws quickly and the sound stopped. Thick, warm blood rushed out to meet her tongue.

Hunger. Tearing at the flesh, she closed her eyes and sighed into the ogre's throat. Her mind became clear again. She could feel the body under her, its chest rising and falling quickly. She could smell its fear. She buried her muzzle again inside the ogre, feeling the warm blood coat her fur. Lub-dub. Lub-dub. Lub-dub. Closing her maw, this time on the hard spine, she felt the ogre under her still.

The hunt was over. She could feel the wolves around her, their warm presence, their confidence. She perked her ears and could hear their breath, coming in and out, the small sounds of feeding, and the silence of the dead.

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