Disruption - By Cambria

Fan fiction from the Darkness Falls universe.
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Disruption - By Cambria

Post by Daleth » Mon Feb 01, 2016 7:15 pm

By Cambria

The young woman lies in wait, glancing back and forth across the opening at the entrance to the wolves den. Small animals pass by the area scavenging for nuts and berries, various herbs to sustain themselves through the winter ahead. As quickly as they had entered the area, the woman cut them down disregarding the struggle they are forced to live in. To survive against the mere elements themselves was a great task for these tiny beings, much less the warriors that inhabited the area. This was not her home, what reason was there for her to spare these small creatures.

Wandering about the woman briefly spots one of the High Mages under the control of the goddess Yasraena. Carefully and quietly she peers from afar at the mage, assessing his abilities as a Sorcerer. Awaiting her moment to strike the creature slips from view, hurriedly she searches the area in hopes to uncover the mage before she discovers first hand, the vast extents of the power embedded by the goddess into her servant.

Unable to spot the dark magician the woman carries about on her way.

“The vampire Xynt, did you spot him as well?” She remarked quietly to the elder rogue.

He shook his head solemnly, scanning the area for the vampire she had mentioned. With a shrug of his shoulders he vanished into the shadows as quickly as he appeared.

Again, she found herself peering about the area surrounding the wolves den. Desperately searching for anything that may bring harm, the vampire appeared blasting a vicious storm of darkness at her. Stunned and near bleeding to death she sent for help as quickly as the vampire had appeared.

“I’m outside the wolves’ den” Marina screamed. “Help.”

The elder rogue emerged, and calm as can be he sprung from the shadows with his hammer cocked over his shoulder waiting for his moment. He swung the hammer at the dark mage fiercely, his eyes connected to the vampire as he attacked. The vampire peered back at him a moment before contact and grinned sadistically, swinging his staff around him partially deflecting the attack. The rogues hammer however, cut a gash into the vampire’s arm, tearing the deadened flesh from his forearm and creating a gaping black wound.

The vampire took no notice of the gash and quickly threw a huge wave of disruptive energy screeching towards the young monk and the elder rogue. The warriors of light glanced up at the vampire, still standing with perfect posture rapidly awaiting the next attack from the two he retreated to a defensive stance. Wielding his staff directly in front of his body, scanning the room for any hidden attackers that may make an attempt on his life.

The young monk pulled herself from the wall and shook the stunned look from her face. She glared intensely at the vampire, blood streaking down her torso and dripping from her clothing. Almost growling she ran at the vampire and swung her arm wildly, her fist connected to his ribcage as a loud thump emanated as a result of the attack.

From the shadows sprung one of the Coy’s followers, though most likely on his own agenda he took a violent swipe at the vampire with his hammer. But to no avail missed the attack entirely. Wonka merely sighed; awaiting whatever the dark sorcerer would conjure upon him. To his surprise the vampire wanted nothing to do with this young rogue, his eyes were focused on the young female monk and his leader.

The vampire’s eyes grew very dark as the wind began to blow, swirling around his body and his eyes blackened completely, glowing with a dark force that none of them had seen in years. With a final burst of energy the vampire blasted a huge wave of disruptive energy towards them, cutting down the monk and severely injuring the elder rogue. The vampire grinned at the young rogue as he watched his leader drop to his knees and perish as the last drop of blood flowed from his body.

With a darkened smile the vampire was gone.

The young rogue slipped silently back into the shadows, scanning the area for the recently departed vampire. As the High Priestess Morgiana entered the area the rogue no longer felt needed there, again beginning his search for the dark sorcerer. Concealed by darkness and with plenty of cover to work with, the rogue entered the Rowan groves in hopes he had followed the vampire’s path correctly.

What he found awaiting him was not the vampire, but an aging necromancer only known to outsiders as the Harbinger of Death. Bewildered the young rogue scampered off into the trees and carefully began scouring the area, attempting to provoke the necromancer into an attack upon himself.

A strange feeling suddenly came over the young rogue. A feeling of warmth, comfort... safety. Perhaps a false sense of security, however the rogue decided he would take his chances with the elder magician. Choosing his moment carefully he sprung upon the aged magician.

The necromancer turned and with all his strength attempted to deflect the young rogue's weapon away from him. The rogue had been expecting this movement however and swung downward with all he could, grazing the magicians torso and forearm. But it was enough; this young rogue had brought the great Harbinger to his knees.

As quickly as the rogue had emerged from the shadows; he was yet again invisible to the necromancer.

Retreating to a defensive stance the magician searched the area in hopes of drawing him into another attack. He was correct in his assumptions. The young rogue again sprung from the darkness, violently swinging his hammer towards the magician.

This time however, he was perfectly prepared. The young rogue swung downward with all his strength, but to no avail the magician calmly stepped to the side and began to chant.

"Ach Nil Te Nassa Vin Tari" spoke the magician.

And with this he traced a glowing ebony pentagram upside down in the air. Directing the blast towards the young rogue it screamed through the air, connecting to the young rogue’s chest and burning a bloody scar through his armor and permanently engraved into his flesh.

Searing with pain the young rogue retreated into the shadows. Panting and swearing the entire way, the young rogue located his realm mates and took cover. The rogue kneeled in the center of the group, wincing and bandaging the burns in his chest as best he could.

"Learned your lesson I hope?" Morgiana muttered to young Wonka.

Hurriedly, Vesta's Oracle replaced the missing tendons throughout the young rogue's frail form. Her hands began to glow with a crimson hue as the burns across the rogues chest sealed shut, leaving only the scar of a pentagram. A permanent reminder of the Harbinger's reaction to the attack.

Morgiana shook her head in disgust as she glanced over the rogue's wounds.

"You should have known better." She said sternly to the young rogue.

Wonka nodded silently and slipped quietly into the darkness. Again the Vestan Oracle could do nothing but shake her head knowing the rogue would never accept advice from her.

"He mocks my wisdom" she spoke quietly, a cold gaze overtook her face as she folded her arms across her stomach.

"What reason would I have to hold him here?" She peered around the room, anticipating a response from her fellow Niordians. Not a word was spoken among the warriors.

She retrieved the staff from the strap holding it to her back, a thick solid Bo held together by a strange force. Billions of grains of sand compacted so tightly the long bo had the feel of a solid stone shaft with only two thin pieces of cloth wrapped tightly around it, spaced perfectly for her hands to grasp.

The Oracle peered around the area at her fellow Niordians, all awaiting a strike from the minions of their Lord, Arnak. As she noticed her allies were well prepared for the attack, she began to twirl the Bo between her fingers as she hummed quietly to herself.

Suddenly a young dwarven paladin tipped backwards slightly, not completely grasping what had happened he regained his balance as the Oracle quickly scanned the area and uncovered a small horrifying creature. The creature hissed loudly. It hurriedly attempted to flee the area however just as before; the young paladin Krow blocked his path from the area.

The young paladin swiped his swords fiercely at the small creature, creating two giant gashes across the creatures chest and quickly uncovering that the creature had disguised itself as the Ra'Kur's ancient dragon-man.

"Quilik!" Screamed the Oracle.

Morgiana grasped the end of her staff firmly and swung it downward at the creature, breaking its leg and immediately channeling a spell upon it. A small whirlwind appeared and swallowed the imp whole, encasing him in a giant shard of stone and crushing his chest within it.

Carnifex Ti Lumen quickly emerged from the shadows, embedding his sceptre into the imp's skull and causing him to fall lifeless to the ground. Deftly he flipped the sceptre in his hand and disappeared among the greenery once more.

The Oracle chuckled calmly as she stand perfectly still in the pool of Quilik's blood. She slammed the tip of her staff into the ground and again began to twirl the Bo through her fingers, whistling a happy little tune to match the whistling of the staff spinning in her hands.

Springing from branch to branch, hidden among the treetops Carnifex Ti Lumen scans the ground floor for minions of Arnak. He pauses for a moment kneeling atop a thick gnarled branch of a cherry tree and leans against the trunk of the tree as he catches his breath.

The wind blew strong through the branches of the giant forest; hundreds of feet below him a small group of spiders begins to weave an enormous web between the tree trunks. Strand by strand they thread their silk in and out, back and forth, up and down until finally they have perfected their design. Quietly the spiders crawl to the edges of the masterpiece and lay in wait. Amazed by the speed and grace of the spiders, Leoric sits perched on his branch gawking at the spiders as they spot their prey.

A young demon had entered the area and the spiders knew it. The elder rogue scanned the area carefully but before he had noticed the demon the spiders had already surrounded it, trapping it between them and the massive web they recently completed. The young demon backed slowly towards the web unaware that he was mere inches from it.

Carnifex Ti Lumen dropped from his tree branch and slicing the web on his way down prepared himself for the rapidly approaching ground. Not a second passed with the rogue's feet to the ground, he sprung immediately back to his branch and began to watch the young demon.

The demon swung his staff furiously at the spider, tearing one of its legs clean from its torso. A bolt of swirling blue plasma drove down from the clouds overhead impaling the spider and killing it.

"One down." Leoric mumbled to himself

"Perhaps he isn't as weak as he appears" he thought.

The young demon raised his arm and directed his palm towards a spider.

"Pec Vil Te Nar Te" the demon spoke quietly.

A dart of orange flame appeared at his palm and streaked towards the spider, searing the short hairs from the spider’s front legs.

Leoric looked down more curiously now as the demon began piercing the spiders with these darts of flame emanating from his hand.

The demon backed himself against a tree as the spiders leapt relentlessly towards him, their fangs nearly piercing his flesh with every attempted attack. He swung the staff in his hands furiously in front of him and backing the spiders away from him slightly.

"NA TIL RE FAH LE" the demon shouted.

His eyes glowed a bloody red, lighting the area completely with a horrifying red aura. Bolts of fire began streaking from the heavens upon the spiders, throwing them against the trees and into the air. The heat causing the hair on their legs to be singed completely and curdling the flesh inside the spiders hardened shell.

"Na Til Re Fah Le" he spoke again.

The spiders, impaled by the bolts of fire raining down from the skies, burst to flames and disintegrate within seconds.

The young demon kneels down, catching his breath and bandaging what wounds he can. Laying his staff beside him he relaxes, sitting back against the giant oak tree behind him.

A smirk crosses Leoric's face as he glances down at the demon he had initially thought of as a mere plaything. Dropping from his branch he streaks towards the ground landing within a foot of the demon. Again a smirk crosses his face, but a different smirk.

The demon lifts his head, bewildered and horrifyingly aware of the desperation of this meeting.

"Your name" Leoric said glaring at the creature.


"Baphomet?" Leoric interrupted.

The demon nodded slowly, his eyes wide and beginning to fill with tears.

"Leoric, pleasure to meet you." He said firmly as he extended his hand.

Baphomet could do nothing but stare at his hand, unaware of the rogue’s intentions with this action; he sat petrified against the tree.

Slowly Leoric stood up, stretching his legs and bending over backward placing his palms flat on the ground. He lifted his feet from the ground and sprung from his hands, throwing himself up into the air and with his feet planting firmly against the oaken trunk above Baphomet's head he sprung from the trunk deftly executing a back flip in mid-air landing perfectly at the demon's feet.

"Be more careful of what you hunt; I'm not the only surprise in these woods." Leoric said with his back turned.

Quickly, he sprung up through the tree branches and disappeared from view.

"My lucky day, I suppose." Baphomet murmured to himself.

Rising to one knee Baphomet grasped his staff with one hand, his knuckles buried in the rocky soil of the dark forest. Slowly he rose to his feet, his face still wearing a mask of morbidity from the encounter.

"What... was that... about?" The demon whispered to himself

His hand wrapped firmly around the Bo he carried on deeper into the forest, passing several spiders and ettins he continued very carefully through the woods. A gentle breeze blows through the area, seeming to carry him on expanded wings his journey eased as the edge of the forest began coming into view.

As he emerged from the forest wearily he came across a group of his fellow Arnakians. Excitedly his mates greeted him, streaking his face with an enormous smile.

"Hiiiiii Baphy" Shareeka and Hallia chimed merrily in unison.

"Heya Baph" Vryce murmured quietly in demon's tongue.

The group's attention turned to the elder demon Vryce; an awestricken look overtook their faces. Not in several years had any demon chosen their natural language over that of Lord Arnak's precisely chosen dialect.

The elder's eyebrow arched high, surprised that any but Baphomet had even recognized the ancient language. Without a thought about it he pulled Baphomet aside and they began walking along the path through the great Greenmist Forest. A pale green haze hung in the air, murky, almost translucent. The haze made it difficult for the pair of demons to breathe properly, as it had done years ago.

The haze began to fade as the pair neared the Grey Mountain ranges and the opening of the trees into the area came clearly into view.

"Not in years have I had such trouble passing through that area, since before our Lord Velivul allowed Arnak to claim his soul." Vryce spoke quietly to Baphomet

"It grows easier as ages pass; you have been away for quite some time Lord Vryce."

Vryce nodded solemnly at the young demon, a smile crossing his face.

"How much has changed in the time I was away?" He asked Baphomet encouragingly.

“More so than you would have wished I’m sure” Baphomet answered.

A long sigh emanated from the elder’s throat; his chin dropped to his chest as the smile vanished from his face.

"I had a feeling you would say that." He whispered.

A disappointing look overtook his eyes as he reached back, sliding the shaft of his Bo into the strap wrapped tightly around his torso.

"Sit with me, talk... Tell me the tales of the time I have missed Baph. It's been all too long since we've held one another's company."

Vryce calmly chanted, raising his arms in front of him.

"Vin Tai Lin Ari Ah" he spoke.

Throwing his arms to his sides still at shoulder level, a writhing blade of fire appeared before him. Clipping two large oak trees cleanly at the trunk and tipping them away from the pair. Slowly he walked towards the trunk, pulling the staff from the strap around his torso; he set it down next to him and calmly sat atop the clean oak stump.

Baphomet grinned widely at the elder, retrieving the staff from his strap as well and just as Vryce had done, set it beside him and calmly sat on the stump adjacent to the one Vryce had placed himself upon.

"Too true Lord Vryce, not much good has occurred since you left us."

Again Vryce sighed quietly, leaning forward and resting his forearms atop his knees.

"Why is it that even with time, we cannot accept each other. Why must we be diversified so much that even a common God cannot keep us from fighting?" Vryce spoke solemnly.

Baphomet sighed quietly, shaking his head at his elder.

"A common god, a common goal, yet not even moments of the day can we all be civilized to one another. I'll never understand it my lord."

"Nor will I, Baphomet. Though I pray that it has not escalated to the point where we cannot be civil within our own clans."

"I'm sorry I must be the bearer of bad news my lord, but certain people disregard realm, race and clan alike."

It seemed as though Vryce had been sighing continuously since the conversation began. Baphomet had noticed this and his face had altered itself instantly. A giant frown upon his face, he leaned towards his elder opening his arms and welcoming Vryce into them. He held his elder tightly and whispered to him.

"I'm sorry my lord, the times have changed and we have no control over anything but our magicks in this new age."

A tear evaporated from the elder’s cheek and he shook his head slowly as he leaned down for the Bo at his feet. Reaching into the leaves he grasped the staff firmly in his right hand, pressing the tip into the soil and rising to his feet.

"Thank you Baphomet" Vryce said quietly.

The young demon nodded and smiled, rising to his feet and turning towards the forests of Greyknife Mountains. He walked slowly from his elder, using his staff as a walking stick as he began his ascension into the mountains.

Vryce sighed and turned toward the Greenmist Forest and began to walk. Peering up into the treetops he noticed all the small creatures gathering food and storing it to sustain them through the colder months. Simple as they were, it brought a smile to his face.

"Some things never change" He said quietly.

A smile crossed the elder's face as he continued walking in through Tamia Local and out again into the Foothills. He sat for a moment at the eastern edge of the foothills and leaned back against a tall cherry tree. He looked up and above him in the tree sat a small mongoose, crawling quickly around the trunk and branches of the giant gnarled tree it paused for a moment and peered down at him. His smile widened as he rose to his feet and turned westward, heading into the Greyknife peaks.

He had reached the landslide at last and the last thing he expected was the first thing he found. As quickly as the landslide had come into view, an aged wizard appeared in a flash of light.

"Shit" Vryce said loudly.

He rushed past the wizard up the landslide and around the path he spots a small crevice. He pressed his way into the crevice only to find a cavern hidden behind the wall of stone, in the corner sat a small aged woman, a natural healer. He quickly gathered his power and began to chant as he pressed his way back through the small crevice in the wall.

"Na Ga Hil" he spoke quietly.

He moved slowly down the path he had taken to the healers cave scanning the area for the elder wizard amongst the rock ogres and two headed ettins. He held his staff firmly in his hands as he crept quietly around the corner and there stood the wizard, a shower of meteors streaked from the heavens demolishing the rocks surrounding him. Vryce stood quietly, watching the wizard in amazement of his control over the shower flying so violently around him but never contacting him. The wizard spotted him; he raised his arms and howled with rage.

"Da Nil Te Fa Ri"

Brilliant orange flames exploded around the demon, completely engulfing him in the heat of it. He stood calm and glared at the wizard, raising his arms he spoke the remaining words of the chant he began exiting the cave.

"Psi Ta Ri"

A crimson flash bolted from the elder demons eyes towards the aged wizard, he collapsed to his knees and clutched his head in both hands. Screaming in agony the wizard passed out, his body laid amongst the rocks withered and beaten. Vryce moved closer to the wizard and knelt down next to him bandaging his wounds and gently slapping his cheeks.

The wizard awoke and immediately gazed upon his attacker, a frightened look upon his face.

"Do not be afraid, wizard." The demon quietly spoke. "What do they call you?"

"They...call me..."

"Na Kil Te Vin Cha De" the aging wizard mumbled quietly.

The demon peered down at him unable to understand the words he heard the wizard spoke, his eyes squinted shut glaring at the wizard laying at his feet. He turned his back to the elder and a strong wind began to blow through the area, a great silver dragon swooped down from far above the clouds landing mere inches from the injured wizard. With a great burst of energy the dragon pushed off from the rocks, crushing the peaks into gravel. The silver dragon soared upwards with the wizard upon his back and climbed high up into the clouds. Vryce stood awestricken at the ease in which the wizard called upon his familiar to carry him safely away.

Thousands of feet above the ground of the great land of Tamia, the silver dragon flew high above the clouds. Its wings spanned out in the wind currents, enormous glistening silver lined wings, the webbings of which a brilliant illuminating blue color. The dragon's eyes matched the webbing of the wings with an eerie perfection, its long snout taking in the clean but very thin air quickly and calmly. And as quickly as the dragon had sprung into the air it swooped down to the ground, its feet crushing the ground on which it landed. The dragon rolled the wizard from its back, down its wing and gently onto the soil of the Barrows of Zden.

The wizard awakened to see a kind but unfriendly face, a beautiful female necromancer. Her blond hair streaming halfway down her back she carried an enormous smile upon her face, glistening black lips and eyes to match it appeared time had not and would not catch up with this being. Her staff planted firmly in the ground she peered down at the old wizard in amazement.

He quickly sprung back from the woman, vulnerable from the earlier attack he pressed his back to a nearby maple tree and began speaking softly.

"Ra Ka La Ri"

"Wait" she spoke softly. "You will come of no harm by my hands."

The wizard immediately interrupted his chanting and a gentle smile crossed his face as he gazed upon the woman. He nodded solemnly and with great respect.

"It takes more power to help than it does to harm." He said quietly to the woman.

Her smile widened as she nodded at the wizard. He was still crumpled against the maple tree, wounded from the demon's attack blood streamed down his small elven arms. The blood appeared a brilliant luminesque red on his pale elven skin, yet the necromancer's skin was still shades whiter than the aged elves.

"Let me take care of those wounds for you," she said very softly to the wizard.

Her hands glowed with a crimson aura surrounding them the elders wounds closed as the aura neared them.

"Thank you." He said.

His smile appeared more obviously to the woman now; he sat comfortably against the maple tree behind him and crossed his legs one over another at the ankle as he intertwined his fingers. His staff lay on the soil at his side and he gazed upon the woman with a great smile. He shook his head foolishly and began to speak.

"Where are my manners. Terribly sorry, my name..." he said softly. "Magister."

"Hello Magister." She replied quickly.

She sat down hastily; folding her legs underneath her and intertwining her fingers just as the old wizard had done moments before. Her eyes gleamed in the moonlight, appearing as if they had captured the stars within them. She smiled at the wizard and separated her lips gently with her tongue.

"They call me Aeval." She said merrily.

"Well hello Aeval. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, my pleasure I assure you." He spoke softly.

She giggled softly and parted her lips "So what brings you to the Barrows." She said inquisitively.

"I was attacked by a demon in the Peaks of Mount Greyknife." He quietly muttered "I called upon my familiar to carry me away from him."

"Oh, dear." She stuttered inaudibly. "Do... you know whom?"

The wizard shook his head entrapped in a solemn silence as the expression on his face quickly changed from a gleeful smile into a brooding of sorts. The wizard somewhat angered with the demon’s insistence on his identity that his luminescent green eyes squinted slightly as his head lowered.

"He never spoke his name." The wizard said almost grumbling "He insisted on having mine however."

"So that's how you received the wounds you carried?" She spoke softly.

He nodded slowly, a disappointed look in his eyes as the conversation carried on with the woman. His trust placed almost blindly in her but none the less still existent, he began to speak of his home.

"I am originally from the great City of Carendel." He said quietly. “A small house on the hillside within which lie a great library, my study.”

His smile became more apparent now as speaking of his home brought comfort in the dark land of which he sat. He raised one knee placing his foot firmly on the ground not an inch away from his other knee, he rested his hands atop his knee.

"You enjoy reading, yes?" She said curiously.

He nodded and his smile grew, as did his enjoyment with this woman.

"That I do, I used to spend days on end locked up in my study, learning the ancient magicks of my father and his, his father’s father." He said merrily.

"Kind of a family tradition?" She said more curiously.

"I suppose it would be. I do not study because my father did, or because his father did. The knowledge excites me, entices me." He spoke gleefully.

A crackling in the leaves echoed throughout the barrows startling both the wizard and the necromancer. They arose and began glaring about the area searching for the cause of the noise. The elder demon stepped out from behind a tree and peered at the wizard angrily, pointing the Bo in his hands directly towards the wizard as he began to chant.

"Na Ga"

The wizard sprung behind a tree and held his staff at his side firmly as he began a chant of his own.

"Se Ta Ri"

The woman looked back and forth between the pair and outraged with the actions of both of them she screeched loudly.

"Stop it! Both of you!"

The scream echoed through the barrows for what seemed to be an eternity. The pair immediately halted their chants and came into view very slowly and carefully.

"You know him?" The wizard whispered.

"Him? Yeah that's just Vryce." She replied happily.

"He...He's the demon that attacked me." The wizard spoke softly to her, his gaze still focused intently on the demon.

"Vryce, Magister... Magister, Vryce" she said with a giant grin upon her face.

Vryce smiled with a great ease and almost seeming as though they had timed it, Magister did as well. The elder demon walked towards them slowly, reaching for Aeval's hand and gently kissing the back of it as he gracefully dropped to the ground. He lay his staff in front of him on the leaf-covered ground, he made a slow gesture with his hand inviting them to sit and speak with him.

Aeval quickly smiled and plopped down onto the ground happily, not having seen the elder demon in quite some time. She intertwined her fingers as she and the wizard had done their previous conversation and her eyes twinkled in the pale moonlight, as the smile on her face grew wider.

The wizard calmly knelt to the ground, still cautious of the demon to which he was recently introduced. He lay the staff in his hand upon his lap and gazed inquisitively at the demon.

"So now you know my name." The wizard said with a smirk.

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