Discovery - By Cambria

Fan fiction from the Darkness Falls universe.
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Discovery - By Cambria

Post by Daleth » Mon Feb 01, 2016 7:17 pm

By Cambria

The young elf rests upon the sill of the giant bay window glancing about the dim candle lit chamber. The flames flicker in the darkness, inviting the shadows to appear. Several dust covered shelves line the walls of the small stone chamber. Ancient pewter candleholders rest on each end of all of the chambers shelves. The candles of which are glistening blue glass containing thousands of tiny golden shards trapped within them.

The elf rises to his feet and paces slowly along the walls, running his fingers across the shelves at shoulder’s height he peers at the spine of a tattered, leather backed book.

“Beginning alchemy.” he murmurs.

The elf chuckles calmly as he continues browsing the shelves. Not quite intent in his search the young elf gently brushes the dust from the book spines across the shelf, reading the name of each book to himself as he carries on. A gentle breeze blows in the window of the small chamber. Startled, the young elf turns quickly and begins to reach for his staff, still laying carelessly at the sill of the window he was previously perched upon.

“Nothing but the wind.” he said calming himself.

The young elf turns around to browse more of the aged writings, streaking his thumb across the book spines. He kneels to the cold stone floor, glancing across the shelf in hopes of finding a new subject to capture his mind.

“General studies of the elements.” he says quietly.

The elf sighs loudly as he glances at book after book, seemingly unable to find the specific works he set out to find.

“I believe the one you seek is over in that corner, close to the floor there.”

The elves eyes widen as his body tenses up. Frozen in place he kneels on the stone floor, his eyes no longer focused on the books he was browsing. Now intently scanning the floor in front of him for a shadow, grasping at an idea of where the being lies in comparison to himself.

“You need not fret over harm coming from my hands young elf.”

The elf turns slowly to face the echo. As she comes into view the elf finds himself in astonishment. A vampire, her pale skin reflecting the heat and glow of the lit candles surrounding the chamber. The ambient light gleams off the vampire’s fangs as her stone facial features seem to melt and a sadistic smirk now covers the mage’s face.

“I....I’m” the young elf stuttered.

“Yooooouuuuu... are Icebolt.” the vampire said with a smile.

The elves eyebrow arches upward as he peers inquisitively at the creature. His hand rising to his face, he scratches at his chin with a puzzled look covering his face.

“And you know this... how?” the elf says quietly.

“Scry, it is a wonderful thing, is it not?”

The smile upon her face grows as she gazes down at him. She plants her bo firmly to the ground, standing very tall. Though even at her tallest she didn’t reach five feet from the base of her feet to the crown of her skull.

“Terribly sorry I am to have frightened and bothered you. Please, carry on.” she says.

Kneeling slowly to the ground, she gazes intently at the elf. The bewildered look still frozen to his face, the elf sat perfectly still. As the vampire’s knee touches the ground, a brilliant and blinding flash surrounds her. Shielding his eyes from the light, the elf raises his hand to cover his eyes.

As the flash dims out, the elf lowers his arm to find an empty room. His eyebrow arches as he glances about the chamber, scanning between the bookshelves and in the corners of the chamber. He rises to his feet and paces slowly towards the corner of the room. Glancing downward he reaches down, brushing the dust from the spine of those books nearest the floor.

“Flesh destruction.” the elf stuttered quietly.

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Re: Discovery - By Cambria

Post by Banshee » Sun Nov 04, 2018 11:11 pm

Makes me more hungry to get back into the game. Awesome little story. :D

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