A Light in the Darkness - By Phlayer

Fan fiction from the Darkness Falls universe.
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A Light in the Darkness - By Phlayer

Post by Daleth » Mon Feb 01, 2016 7:20 pm

A Light in the Darkness
By Phlayer

Part 1:

The tattered hem of a trail worn duster* produced small tornados of dust with each lenghty stride forward. Night had once again fallen over the lands under the control of Lord Arnak. Leather creaked slightly as the tall form lowered to a kneel. His gaze slowy drifted over the lights of the city before him. Thoughts of the past flooded his mind.

A faint whisper, thick with a southern drawl escaped from crimson tinted lips. "What has happened to you..?"

Canvases of ink rose to push a stray crimson hair from his face, neatly tucking it back behind an overpierced ear. He stood, carefully taking in the sight before him. In the distance he could hear the demons yelling as a ship was spotted on the horizion. They were here, in search of his lands newly aqquired power. In the past he would rush to the front lines, guiding the troups as best to his abilities, but something had changed within.

The times had changed, wearing on his ..soul? No it was more of his entire being.. for vampires are soulless are they not? Most would follow, should he call to arms, but the numbers had been dwindling for some time now. This time he would just watch. Could they be victorious without him?

He was sure of it.

A single light in the darkness caught his gaze. A reddish tinted brow arched in curiousity. Was this all there was? Had he achieved all he was destined to do?

Part 2:

His head snapped to the side as a death cry reached his ears. Undead flesh tensed as he broke into a sprint to the forest below.

Long dead branches assaulted his form as he rushed to the aid of his kindred and followers. He would stand by them in battle he decided. It was what he was, it was what he had become.

Moonlight glinted on the exposed edge of a blade a short distance infront of him causeing his pace to slow. "A lone rogue." he whispered. With a sadistic smirk he vanished from normal sight, slowly stalking his newfound prey. The sounds of the battle had calmed slightly, but he was unsure of their outcome. The only thing on his mind was the hunger that had overcome him suddenly.

The form ahead of him had darted behind a tree, pausing for a moment. "He knows I'm here.." thought the Vampire Lord. He paused as his prey did. His towering form enclosed in the shadows around him.

A few paces to his left a branch broke. His head slowly turned in its direction. "There's more than one.." His thoughts becomming less rational as his thirst for blood grew. With a shrug he moved, not caring who else was close. He had to act.

Again the glint of steel as the rogue moved from behind the tree. With a leap the Vampire was ontop of the smaller rogue, that sadistic grin still painted on his cold face. The rogue screamed as fangs met flesh. His life slowly draining from his body.

Between bloody coughs Polo spoke, his eyes meeting the Vampire Lords. " It's over..your reign.." A crimson tinted brow arched slightly at the rogue as Phlayer let him fall to the ground. Confused slightly he wiped a few drops of blood from his chilled lips and began to make his way back to the town. To help track down the last "survivors", or so he thought.

From the darkness a staff slammed into the base of his skull, sending him to one knee. An ink lined hand rose to cup the new wound as he spun around to see this new foe. He snarled, exposing his razor sharp fangs. "Wonka.. I should have guessed our dear Polo wouldn't be alone."

With a chuckle Wonka raised his staff, slamming it down on what he thought was the place where Phlayer last knelt. Annoyed, he spun, realizing the vampire had transported.

Cold hands gripped a blade woven of the Shadowmist as Phlayer watched the Rogue he had battled numerous times spin around, searching for him. With a grin Phlayer stepped from the shadows laughing.

The thick southern drawl escaping his lips he taunted the rogue. "Is that the best you can do?" Wonka grinned as a blink of light appeared behind the Vampire.

Phlayer spun, his gaze falling on the wizard who had teleported in behind him.. "You Reign is over Lord Vampire.. now you must sleep."

Khelbans hands rose as he chanted a quick spell. With a crackle of energy Phlayer was thrown backwards, slamming into a nearby tree. His form slumped to the ground, lifeless.

Wonka looked to the wizard. "You weren't supposed to kill him..."
"He is merely unconsience.. we must hurry. Call for Khrome to carry him.

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